Our Cuisine 

The food at the restaurant La Loggia is the result of long experience, fusing a deep love for the cuisine of our chef Franco Carnevale, for over twenty years at the helm of the most famous Tuscan kitchens. A long experience that combines creativity and attention to the quality of raw materials.

The best raw materials are selected daily by our chefs persanlly, always looking for the authentic taste and flavors. All our dishes are prepared "expressly" and created with fresh, seasonal ingredients, taking care Tuscan tradition and to the new needs food and nutrients. All this without giving up the fantasy.

From the classical Pappa al pomodoro, the Ribollita, the different types of pasta, our pasta dishes will amaze you. Our main strength is the T-bone steak expertly cooked on a lava stone and always tender, thanks to the quality of the meat selection and maturation. Up to dessert: delicious! The ice creams are homemade by our pastry chef will surprise you with special flavors such as Parmesan cheese, chianti, dates and many others.

We are always looking for innovative dishes still associated with traditional flavors of the region, without neglecting quality. All of this is our "mixture" of each dish created with great care and passion for you.

We also have a great attention to families with children, our kitchen will always take care of the younger guests favoring their dietary requirements. Starting with portions designed ad hoc for simple and tasty dishes.

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